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Jan 6, 2013 5:00am PST
said, yes, i did, dad. hallelujah! don't let satan have your children. don't let satan have your children or any family member of your life. you have to get back to the horns of the altar and stand up. the body says the kingdom of god -- you have to get up in the faiths of satan and say -- you can't have my family! because as a promise that god has laid upon us that he's going to give us family heritage. but also, he's going to give us divine health. jesus took strikes upon his back so we could have family heritage and family health. number three, occupational blessing in verse 4. the fruit of the ground and cattle. in viable times, most of them raised cattle or sheep or agriculture. so having an occupational blessing was very, very important. today we don't necessarily, unless you're a farmer and live that way, there's a lot of different things we do. but the occupational blessing is upon us. ever you have to know god has a divine assignment on your life. whatever you're doing right now god has anointed you to do. it may not even be what you want to be doing. it may not be your
Jan 13, 2013 5:00am PST
ideas leaped out i see something opening there. >> oh, absolutely. really, another world. i don't know whether to claim that that one night and when i was converted to the life of the mind, it was like a mystical experience like those ideas had a life of their own and they were drawing me to understand them and enter more deeply into their mystery because this other world other than the tangible material has three characteristics about it. first of all it was the more powerful that something like the big bank that this material world emanates from that. the second was it is far better than this one. all the great religions are like fingers pointing at the moon of that other reality from which we have come and to which we will return. we're in a kind of exile here and it has its ups and downs mix of joys and some are owes, but our origin and destinee is anchored in a different world which is the true world. >> so the creation and then moving to a new world you said there were three was there a third? >> you're very astute, but i know the time goes fast on television. the third is myster
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2